Multimedia refers to any application that uses a combination of multiple media, to include text, graphics, animations, audio and video, to convey information. EGB provides an array of linear and non-linear multimedia solutions. Our highly talented team of creative service providers uses state-of-the-art technology to create multimedia works that are original in idea, rich in design, inspiring in graphics & animation, and bring your imagination to life.

We have worked with a broad array of industry leaders over the years, an experience that empowers us with a unique perspective to requirements of clients from diverse domains. We deliver rich multimedia experience for a range of objectives in

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • BioTechnology
  • Architecture
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • TV/Films/Websites/Other Media
  • Advertising
  • Gaming

We ensure high-end multimedia products that deliver rich interactive experiences through partnerships with select entertainment concerns, music houses, photography studios, music and audio & video design firms.

Our Infrastructure that Enables Creation of Powerful Multimedia

We transform visual experience through our services. Our high-end technology and an impressive team of multimedia experts, each proficient and experienced in a distinct discipline of multimedia, enable us to deliver even the most complex of 2D/3D animations. Our resources include

  • Advanced Pentium Core2 Duo Machines
  • Advanced Graphic Cards with High Memory Capacity
  • High-End 3D Modeling Software
  • State-of-The-Art Animation Studio
  • High-End Animation Tools
  • Advanced Virtual Reality Tools
  • Sophisticated Special Effects Technology
  • Advanced Rendering Facilities
  • Highly Creative Art Directors and Visualizers
  • Expert Concept Developers
  • Skilled Story Board Writers
  • Proficient Flash Developers
  • Talented 2D/3D animators
  • Sound Mixing Specialists and Expert Sound Editors
  • Experienced Project Coordinators
  • Talented Lighting Artists
  • Accomplished Digital Colorists

Our Multimedia Solutions

  • 2D Animations
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Simulations
  • 3D Walkthroughs
  • Special Effects
  • Flash Animations
  • Logo Animations
  • Computer Based Training Modules/CBTs
  • Web Based Training Modules/WBTs

3D Animation

Creativity infused with advanced 3D technology to deliver stunning, next-to-reality 3D animation that describes your vision to the core. Concepts that reflect in-depth understanding, designs that reflect innovation, textures that reflect uniqueness, effects that reflect creativity and practicality, and richness that renders audience spellbound, epitomize our 3D multimedia works.

Our 3D Animation Solutions include

  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Simulations
  • Character Animation
  • Architectural Animation, Walkthroughs and Flythroughs

3D Animation Production Phases

  • Understanding Client Vision and Requirements
  • Development of Concept
  • Storyboard Building
  • 3D Character Creation
  • 3D Animation Background Development
  • 3D Set Designing
  • 3D Modeling of Characters (or) Objects
  • 3D Animation of Characters (or) Objects
  • Virtual objects, cameras, lighting sources and other elements are arranged to be used on scenes, which are later used to produce a motionless image or an animation
  • Dialog Scripting
  • Voice Recording, Mixing and Editing
  • Sound Integration
  • Music Composition and Integration
  • Animation Compilation & Editing
  • Special Effects Addition
  • Final 3D Animated Rendering

3D Modeling/Rapid Prototyping

Textured polygonal 3D models are developed by our 3D Modeling specialists based on the mesh count, after conducting a meticulous study of the proposed object. Employing a judicious blend of creativity and expertise, we develop 3D models that are a precise representation of the proposed 3D objects in height, weight, depth, thickness, and other measurements. We ensure that the 3D object model delivers a realistic feel through effective lighting, texture, shadow, and other special effects.

We provide 3D Modeling for

  • Industrial Service Presentations
  • Product Presentations
  • Corporate Demos
  • Depiction of Chemical Compounds
  • Geological Study
  • Medical Applications such as Human Organ Depiction
  • Character Depiction for Animated and Real Movies
  • Computer and Video Games
  • Training
  • Architectural Renders/Software Architectural Models
  • Advertisements
  • E-commerce & Online Marketing
  • Websites

Virtual Reality/3D Simulation

Virtual Reality/VR is a technology that enables user to interact with a virtual environment that is computer-simulated; the simulation can be based on real-life environments or can be a product of pure imagination. EGB creates stunning, realistic 3D simulations for marketing, motion pictures, gaming, music videos, art works, archaeological research, educational programs, medical training and other applications. The visual appeal, high interaction quotient and immersive 3D environments of our simulations deliver transformative experiences in entertainment, marketing and training.

We also have expertise in

  • Repurposing 3D CAD/CAM and DCC Models
  • Integrating Simulations with System Configuration Databases
  • Integrating Simulations with Existing Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Simulations for Television & Motion Pictures

EGB has extensive expertise in creating 3D simulations for television and films. Combining creativity and technology, we deliver your vision in 3D technology, redefining movie capabilities and creating transformative movie experiences for audiences.

Our services include

  • 3D CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) Movies for Events
  • 3D CGI Commercials
  • 3D Movies with Breath-Taking Special Effects
  • 3D Documentaries
  • 3D Live Concerts

Simulations for Training Programs

Simulations have redefined the concept of training rendering conventional classroom training obsolete. Practical demonstration of concepts through simulation enables enhanced knowledge transfer; minimizes time and cost involved in training; and effects faster integration of improvements with the mainstream business.

From 3D simulations explaining complex automobile functionalities to presenting periodic element properties to school students, EGB has expertise in designing 3D simulation solutions for simple-to-complex training operations in engineering, automobile, medical, aviation, army, corporate, education, and other areas. We design 3D simulations that are customized, intelligent, immersive, cost-effective, and deliver a learning experience equivalent to real-time hands-on training.

Simulations for Marketing

EGB develops innovative, visually-appealing 3D simulations for your marketing needs. Our 3D experts employ a rich mix of expertise and technology to develop simulations that are impressive, intuitive and provide an exact replica of the company products/services. We create compelling product simulations that depict even complex product features and functions in a visually entertaining style that enthralls the audience and persuades them to explore the product, which provides them better insight into the product capabilities.

3D Walkthroughs

3D Walkthroughs form an excellent pre-sales marketing strategy. An effective 3D walkthrough enables the client to present his ideas to the audience, scrutinize their response, and incorporate enhancements, if any, before introducing the product into the main stream. 3D walkthroughs also provide audience a realistic introduction to the final constitution of the product, and enables them decide on product investment.

We develop walkthroughs that express client vision explicitly to the minutest of details. From landscapes, escalators, and interior details of a site/building to furniture, lighting, texture and finishes, our walkthroughs are an exact reproduction that provide audience an interesting and illuminative virtual tour.

EGB creates customized, realistic, intelligent and detailed 3D walkthroughs/flythroughs for depicting a variety of applications, to include

  • Visualization of Interiors, Exteriors and Surroundings of Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Walkthrough – Depiction of Factories & Manufacturing Environments, Mechanical/Electrical Plant Environment Depiction
  • Architectural Design Concept Visualization
  • Real-Estate Development
  • Interior Decoration
  • Complex Engineering Concept Depiction
  • Advertising & Media
  • Games

We deliver walkthroughs in various formats, to include DVD, VHS, CD, AVI, or they can be made available for download to a PC, PDA, iPod or mobiles. We can enhance the interactivity of DVD walkthroughs through incorporation of operable menus, introductory slides, and integration with voice-over and music options.

2D Animation

2D Animation is an effective form of animation in which objects appear to be in motion due to rapid display of a series of 2D images, which produces an illusion of motion in the observer. Integration with other media such as sound creates complete characters that walk, talk and perform.

EGB creates 2D computer animations for television, films/motion pictures, websites, product commercials, educational presentations, story illustrations, games, and other applications. Our Creative Services team devises innovative concepts that are rich in substance, simple and clear in communication, superior in technology, impressive in aesthetics, and captivating in presentation. Well-equipped with world-class infrastructure, we are empowered to develop high-end animation solutions for the global market.

Production Phases

  • Project Requirements Gathering
  • Collection of Support Resources on the Project (Books, Online Help, Expert Advice, etc.,)
  • Analysis of Collected Resources and Study of Different Animation Style References
  • Concept Development based on Insights Obtained through above Analysis
  • Storyboard Creation, which shapes content layout, characters, background, content flow, script, and other major components of the proposed animation
  • Animatics Creation – Simplified test mock-ups of scenes as defined in the storyboard are developed to acquire an idea as to how the scene would look and perform on applying animation techniques. A basic animatic constitutes a sequence of still images edited and displayed in progression. This series of images is integrated with a rough sound track to test the efficacy of the combination.
  • Animatics Analysis for Identification of Flaws in Storyboard
  • Incorporation Enhancements into the Storyboard & Storyboard Review for Further Enhancements
  • Character Designing & Background Creation – Phase involves study of model anatomy, posture and facial expressions for character designing, developing key frames, tracing, coloring and assigning character motion for each frame)
  • Special Effects Creation, if Required
  • Scene Editing
  • Music Composition for Scenes
  • Recording Dialogues for Scenes in Accordance with the Developed Script
  • Applying composed music, dialogues (Lip-Synch), and special effects to the developed animation
  • Review of the Movie and Incorporation of Enhancements, if any

We create Complete/Partial 2D Animation for

  • Motion Pictures
  • Cartoon Films
  • Product Commercials
  • Games
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Marketing Applications
  • Websites
  • E-learning

Cartoon Animation

EGB specializes in cartoon illustration and 2D/3D cartoon animation. Our Creative Services team leverages on its expertise and experience to deliver cartoon illustrations and animations that are fresh, interesting, informative and entertaining. We can create cartoon characters from scratch through manual (freehand drawing, painting, etc.,) or digital techniques for corporate companies, comics, books, greeting cards (hand-made/e-cards) as well as for other media and applications. We can infuse digital illustrations with life through animation technologies such as Flash, or can integrate them into website designs. Our state-of-the-art animation studio enables us to develop world-class 2D/3D cartoon animations for a global clientele.

We provide cartoon animation for

  • 2D/3D Animated Movies
  • Motion Pictures
  • Animated Television Series
  • Television Commercials
  • Games
  • Mobile Phones
  • Websites

Special Effects

Digital technology has made presentation of incredible scenarios possible, and that too with an element of make-believe realism. Wonder-evoking alien characters, horrible monsters, majestic life-size animal characters, cartoon characters assuming realistically impossible postures, heroes dangling mid-air or performing other unbelievable stunts… special effects enable credible presentation of the incredulous.

EGB offers visual, sound, lighting and other special effects for motion pictures, TV series, cartoons, commercials, videos, commercial presentations, and other creative productions. We offer

  • Morphing
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Set Designing
  • Digital Imaging / Digital Image Enhancement
  • Superimposition of CGI over Original Video Footages

Sound Editing & Mixing

We have an expert team of audio professionals performing sound recording, editing, and sound mixing/audio mastering for movies, television programs, commercials, video games, and any production that is componential of recorded or synthetic sound tracks. Noise identification and reduction is performed on sound tracks to ensure elimination of incongruent acoustic elements. Sounds delivered through dialogue, audio effects and music, are combined creatively to create realistic sounds that synchronize with scenes onscreen.
Video/ Short FilmsProduction

EGB offers complete video/short films production services. We deliver entire production solutions that translate your concept into an effective onscreen rendering, or support you in realizing your concept through individual services such as set designing, scripting, filming, recording, editing, audio & video special effects, and other creative services that you require.

Color Grading

Color Grading, an essential post-production process in film making or video production, involves digital adjustment and manipulation of the color palette to create specific looks that enhance the movie story and atmosphere.

The role played by Digital Colorists in Color Grading is crucial and demands expertise. We have expert digital colorists at EGB experienced in complex color grading. Our colorists study every single shot of a scene, match different shots, and decide on color corrections/enhancements that impart a sense of continuity among the shots in the scene. The overall color system of the movie is also studied, and color corrections that are congenial to the overall look and enhance visual appeal of the movie are made.

Flash Animations

Flash animation is an essential characteristic of a multimedia presentation today. Incorporation of Flash increases interactivity and enables enhanced communication in commercial, creative, technical and educational environments. EGB combines creative and technology expertise to deliver rich 2D/3D Flash animations for motion pictures, TV commercials, games, product/services sales presentations, corporate presentations, websites, offline animations, interactive maps, screen savers, e-cards and e-calendars.

Flash Game Development

We develop innovative and interactive 2D/3DFlash games for commercial, marketing and educational applications. We offer complete gaming services from concept development through game design to Flash Actionscript programming. Leveraging on our creativity and expertise, we design gaming applications that are rich, interesting, exciting, adventurous, high-speed and capable of providing an ultimate gaming experience for game seekers.

Our 2D/3D Flash Gaming services include

  • Web-based/Online Game Development
  • Television Game Development
  • Interactive Subject-Based Educational Games & Puzzles (eg: Mathematical Games, Technical Puzzle, etc.,)
  • Creative Product/Service-Based Game Development for Advertising
  • High-Speed Video Gaming development

Flash Optimization
Maintaining bandwidth efficiency is an important consideration while developing Flash games. Our Flash Game design focuses on Flash optimization; we develop compressed flash movies, which minimize file sizes enabling easier download of games even with dial-up broadband connections.

Technical Expertise

  • Autodesk Maya (3D Animation)
  • Autodesk 3ds Max ( 3D Title Text Animation )
  • ZBrush
  • Macromedia Flash MX 2004 ®
  • Macromedia Director ®
  • Adobe After Effects ®
  • Adobe Premiere ®
  • CAD/CAM Technologies
  • Adobe Photoshop ( Image Editing )
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Flash
  • ParticleIllusion ( Background Graphics Scene )
  • Action Scripting
  • Flex
  • Adobe Fireworks
  • Adobe DreamWeaver
  • Adobe PageMaker
  • CorelDRAW
  • Adobe After Effects (Compositing )
  • Adobe Premiere ( Video Editing )
  • Sound Forge ( Sound Editing )
  • CSS

HTML, DHTML, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, Java, JavaScript, XML, VB, VB.NET, VBScript, C/C++

Mobile Tools & Technologies
J2ME with LWUIT, Blackberry MDS Studio, Blackberry Enterprise Server, JBoss WAP Hosting, KSoap Web Services API, Blackberry JDE
Windows, UNIX, Linux
MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access